After School Programs  

These Programs at Plano Day School are designed to help participants meet their academic challenges while growing physically and mentally. The students will be involved in a variety of activities located in our after school building.



Grade Level:

Program Description:

2:45pm – 6:30pm

Kindergarten – 8th Grade

  • Nutritious snacks
  • Transportation from public school to our after-school. we will have dedicated driver and car to pick up kids from their school
  • Professional tutor and graders to help kids finish homework from school
  • Providing Excellent Plano Day School academic program to all our after-school students , which is aligned with ISD expectation, including Writing/reading and Math. We help both struggling and gifted students reach their full potential by supplementing the instruction they receive in class and guiding them toward study practices and aides that can help them excel.
  • Indoor and Outdoor recreational and Fine Art activities
  • Extra Curricular Activities:

Tsai’s Math
Kung Fu
Table Tennis

Private Piano Lessons
Ballet & Tap
Chinese Lessons
Spanish Lessons


Call 972-519-1611 for tuition rates


For additional information regarding the Afterschool programs, please call 972-519-1611